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A luna kanula


28 May
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I was born in 1967 and grew up in a small town. In grade school, I used to imagine that I was from another planet. In high school, my fascination with experimental music began when I first heard a recording of Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Hymnen," and my love of philosophy was born around the same time, when the "Republic" and John Cage's book "Silence" both fell into my hands. My academic background is in classical languages and Western philosophy, but I've always been drawn to more outré subjects as well. I'm searching for light, including special effects.
4th way, absurdism, alchemy, aleister crowley, alfred jarry, ancient greek, ancient philosophy, ancient religions, archimedes, avant garde, bern porter, bernhard gunter, bible, blavatsky, brion gysin, burroughs, charlie parker, chinese, christianity, comparative religion, compulsive reading, computer music, conet project, consciousness, coum transmissions, cremaster, cut-ups, dada, dadaism, daumal, derek jarman, dreamachine, dub, eastern orthodoxy, edward moolenbeek, electronic music, esoteric, esoteric christianity, esotericism, existentialism, experimental film, experimental music, factories, farmers manual, fourth way, france, frances yates, freemasonry, fushitsusha, futurism, g.i. gurdjieff, geometry, gerogerigegege, gerry anderson, glitch, gnosis, gnosticism, grey days, guenon, gurdjieff, hafler trio, heidegger, hermeticism, hesychasm, home recording, homer, husserl, initiation, j.g. ballard, j.g. bennett, japan, japanese culture, japanese noise, jazz, john cage, john coltrane, kabbalah, karlheinz stockhausen, languages, magic, magick, masonry, mathematics, maurice nicoll, max/msp, merzbow, metaphysics, microsound, miles davis, monasticism, mouravieff, musique concrete, muslimgauze, mysticism, neoplatonism, new york city, noise, numbers stations, nurse with wound, occult, old commercials, opus dei, organum, ouspensky, p.d. ouspensky, paris, paris metro, pataphysics, peter greenaway, phenomenology, philosophy, plato, postmodernism, power electronics, radio static, recordings of vacuum cleaners, religion, rene daumal, rene guenon, rhizomes, ritual, rituals, robert fludd, robert spridgeon, robol sound recordings, scientology, shortwave radio, silence, sound, sounds, static, stockhausen, subgenius, surrealism, symbolism, synthesizers, tarot, the cremaster cycle, the hafler trio, the occult, thelema, theology, theosophy, throbbing gristle, topy, traditionalism, tulse luper, wilkes-barre, william s. burroughs, world religions